Christine M. Rucker’s portfolio features paintings and prints of stories. In each series, characters are working through biological problems or pining over bungles to eventually make the journey towards resolution and peace. Some are autobiographical, and some stories are from other people.

Collection of Recent Work

A Series of Monotonous Tings

A bell’s ting-ting-ting calls you out of bed. Brush your teeth, drink coffee, check email and prepare that magnificent face for the work day. Every day seems like proof you have mastered yourself. You are so good at this routine. You could drive to work with your eyes closed.

In A Series of Monotonous Tings, we are welcomed into a driver’s subconscious mind when they fall into a deep highway hypnosis. As you progress through each monotonous ting, you’ll observe depictions of their anxious thoughts. The anxiety is intensified, creating distortions in their present reality, until there is a sense of calm and peace at the end.

Artist Statement con't

The older portfolio includes artworks rife with anxiety and depression; some of the work encrypted negative self-talk and powerlessness. This began to shift, due to personal illness, as I searched for new pain management techniques. My recent work is a reflection of the shifting attitudes towards my body and life. Most of the stories in my recent work advocate for empathy, healthy relationships and reclamation of personal power.

My stories are a series of mixed media paintings or prints. Layering and texture is important to how I process the ideas behind the work. The paintings are made with intaglio prints, collage, acrylic, oil and drawing media.

The Construction Series

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2009-2019 Collection of Past Work