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A Series of Monotonous Tings

A bell’s ting-ting-ting calls you out of bed. Brush your teeth, drink coffee, check email and prepare that magnificent face for the work day. Every day seems like proof you have mastered yourself. You are so good at this routine. You could drive to work with your eyes closed.

In A Series of Monotonous Tings, we are welcomed into a driver’s subconscious mind when they fall into a deep highway hypnosis. As you progress through each monotonous ting, you’ll observe depictions of their anxious thoughts. The anxiety is intensified, creating distortions in their present reality, until there is a sense of calm and peace at the end.

Artist Statement

I am interested in creating anecdotes from a space.

A cat asked a dog what it was painting. Dog replied, “A psychological space.” Cat didn’t fancy that response and said there’s no such thing.

“Is not someone constantly drawing from a psychological space? They do so in order to put us in the year 2001, in an advertising space, a puppet theater, a sanatorium charging interest for our impotence, and to put us in wars … We are underwater. We are underground digging our own graves. We are in our mother’s shoes. Our face is to the ground under her shoe. We are the mother. We are kind of freaking out. Liars! Hypocrites! Addicts! Ramblers!

Dog bellows, “I could hate this place, crawl into a hole and die; but I choose to be here immersed in it. I hope to paint a more understanding picture of it.”


About my process

My art work tells stories. I usually start with a photograph, redraw and continue to layer paint, pencils, chalk and mixed media on top of the original image. I don’t have a clear picture in mind when I start a creating. It usually starts with a word, idea or feeling. I meditate on it, bring in memories or other moments to complete a design or image.

The Construction Series

2009-2019 Collection of Past Work