CMR Art Studio’s new admin services is an exciting combination of Christine’s administrative experience and entrepreneurial spirit. My work experience includes +10 years of experience as an Administrative Assistant and 6 years of project management.

My unending curiosity is a byproduct of my arts background. I enjoy working in new administrative environments and diving into the possibilities there.

Whatever new “hat” your office needs, I am eager to learn and perform the skills required to ensure the team’s success.

My time and project management skills are excellent because, for years, I work full time while running an art studio on the side. The latter requires management of several teaching schedules and production deadlines. I want to share my coordination skills and compassion to support your vision. I spend a lot of my energy on building positive relationships in the workplace, whether it be at my nine to five or my own business.

My administrative skills would be a good match with organizations that value collaboration, customer-first orientations and at the forefront of innovation. I stay up to date on new technologies; my work ethic includes compassion, attention to detail and efficient communication; and I utilize Agile principals to maximize efficiency and accuracy.

I welcome the opportunity to discuss how my experience fits your needs. Please feel free to email

CMR Art Studio Christine

Environments I Have Worked In

  • Publishing
  • Education
  • College (Faculty, Intern Supervision)
  • Government Contracting
  • Local Government
  • Medical
  • Non-profit
  • Restaurant
  • Psychotherapy
  • Hotel (Activities and Recreation)
  • Entertainment
  • Venue Management
  • Cultural Facilities
  • Art Museum
  • Jewelry Sales/Repair
  • Event Coordination
  • Art Gallery
  • Non-profit


Operating Systems Experience

  • Apple ★★★★★
  • Windows 10 ★★★★☆
  • Google Chromebook ★★★☆☆

Software Programs

  • Adobe Suite ★★★★☆
  • Google Suite ★★★★★
  • Microsoft Suite ★★★★★
  • Quickbooks ★★★☆☆

Other Skills

  • Technical writing
  • Editorial writing
  • Graphic / layout design
CMR Art Studios Christine
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